If you would like to contact me then please call me on 0797 233 7386 - afternoons and evenings are the best time to call. If I do not answer, I may be in session, busy or simply not able to answer; please leave a message and I will text you when I am able to take your call. I am happy for you to ask any questions that you may have. If this is your first time contacting a Dominatrix and you are nervous to talk to me directly, then I am happy for you to contact me via email first if you prefer. This way you can list your questions and/or any concerns that you may have.

Email me at: enquire@dominatrixmissconduct.co.uk.

I do not follow any set scenes; I always tailor sessions to suit your likes and dislikes. As stated on my Sessions page, I always meet with you prior to the start of the session to discuss your individual needs but obviously the more information I have beforehand the better my ability to plan effectively and ensure your enjoyment of the session. I ask therefore that you provide me with as much information as you can when contacting me.

Please do not contact me by text unless previously arranged. I also ask that you do not call me after 11pm; I am a Dominatrix, not a vampire!